Hot Tub Gazebo

Experiencing the great outdoors and travelling the world is a great hobby to have, and what better way than to be with nature itself?

Friends of my parents are always off somewhere; caravanning in Cornwall UK, sunning in a beautiful villa in Spain or sailing the high seas on a cruise, I really don’t think there is anywhere they haven’t been. But that is their hobby, they work hard and save most of their money for spending on their dream holidays. And when they are not jetting off somewhere, they are planning their next get away, they told me once that researching different locations was just as exciting as actually visiting them. It was exciting to decide on a place and learning all they could about it; their culture, attractions and seeing what they would have for breakfast!

For many of us though, working to pay a bill is about as exciting as it gets and it shouldn’t be that way. We need to find ways to make our lives more exciting and enjoyable, and more importantly memorable. And closer to home you can enjoy the weather and the great outdoors from your own back yard.

Every year people spend hundreds to create a personal paradise at home so they can enjoy life without the expense and trouble of travelling. From building swimming pools to creating a serene landscape or purchasing beautiful, living room style furniture and the latest and most popular craze are hot tubs.

A friend of mine has just invested in a hot tub; and not just any ordinary hot tub. This one seats ten and has gadgets galore and all the accessories, it even has a hot tub gazebo. It is a wonder to look upon and, although I have declined in the actual experience of sitting in it (my swimsuit hasn’t seen the light of day for many a few years now), I do envy what he has and the many joyous and relaxing times he has experienced.

Hot Tub

Nothing quite like a hot tub in your back garden!

Like many, my friend’s garden is his hobby and although most would not go as far as such a luxurious pastime as a hot tub, there are those that spend a lot of time and money creating the garden they can be proud of and more importantly enjoy the time it takes to get there.

But it doesn’t have to cost the earth, and you don’t even have to have a big back yard, or any land at all. Starting your own herb or vegetable plot can be done from your kitchen windowsill and there is nothing more rewarding than eating a salad with your own, home-grown tomatoes.

Sometimes, it takes years to find out what really makes you happy and what you truly enjoy but, as my Grandpa used to say, ‘you only live once so make sure you’re damn happy about it!’

And just in case you might fancy starting your own tomato garden, then check this video:

Hobbies To Improve Well-Being

You might believe your life is too busy to allow for more activities. However, once you realize what benefits hobbies can bring you, you are going to be sorry you hadn’t considered them earlier. The good news is that it doesn’t matter when you start, as long as you are keen on learning new things and turning some of them into permanent hobbies.

Many scientific studies suggest hobbies have the power to fight depression, to give life a meaning and to improve our general health and well-being. By focusing on a specific activity you enjoy, you can enter the state of flow, which is the supreme happiness one can feel. You forget the time passing, as all you are interested in is the present moment. If you paint, you are totally absorbed by your painting, so you can easily spend several hours doing this activity, without feeling the passage of time. Your hours are going to be perceived as minutes. This altered perception is very good for you. It helps you fight stress, as your mind won’t be able to focus on topics that bother, annoy or worry you. The regions in the brain that are responsible for focusing on the task at hand are going to take control over all others, thus enabling you to relax and rest your mind.

Relaxing Your Mind

Relaxing Your Mind For A Better Well-Being

You don’t have to be a gifted artist or piano player to get the benefits of a specific hobby. All you need is the passion and the joy of performing your art the best way you can. You don’t even need an audience to acclaim and cheer you, as the simple performance would do as well.

Hobbies have the power to improve your well-being, regardless their nature. The only requirement is that you consider them enjoyable. You have to be able to get pleasure from such activities, otherwise you may feel them just as if they were your regular chores. This is why you need to assess your abilities, but also your preferences, so that you can maximize your chances to discover those hobbies that can make you happier and healthier. Anything would do as well, provided that you like it. If your passion is to go fishing, you should try to turn it into a regular hobby. If you enjoy singing, you can go to karaoke sessions and have fun with your friends, or you can set up your own recording studio at home. You don’t need the most expensive equipment, as a hobby is different than a profession. Hobbies don’t need to seek performance and perfection. Their purpose is to provide you the joy of living, and this can be achieved without having to invest a fortune in technology and materials.

Last but not least, hobbies can provide you access to strong social networks and communities of like-minded people, this being yet another reason why you should seriously consider trying some new things and activities. Every new hobby you bring into your life has the potential to make you happier and possibly healthier.

Check out the video below by CNN on how hobbies can be good for your health: